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Mar 11, 2012

Give War a Chance: When Israel Controls Our Mind

  I’m not supposed to write another article on Iran. I don’t have many new points to add. But I’m surprised to see more and more people start to believe Israel has got to strike Iran’s nuclear sites.  Hasn’t Iran been a threat to US and Israeli security for decades? The threat is overblown.
The case is being politicized. The Economist has powerful arguments against striking Iran.  I agree with the notion Iran must not get the nukes for the sake of security in Middle East. Some wrongly claim Iran must not get the nukes or we risk igniting nuclear cold war. Wow. Where is Israel located? Israel has hundreds nuclear warheads.
Benjamin Netanyahu is fond of saying time is running out. I saw many op-eds by either journalists or politicians arguing against striking Iran.  It’s simply misleading at best. I’m glad there are many sensible responses towards such flawed arguments.  I believe few well-informed people think the strike would stop Iran. It would delay the developments years only.
Why is Israel talking so loudly about striking Iran? To inform Iran needs to fortify its nuclear sites to limit the damage? If the war rhetoric is to discourage Iran, the strike is unnecessary then.  Don’t listen to Obama and Netanyahu too much. They are not telling the real truths. I dare to bet. The more you listen to their words, the more you convince Iran is to be stuck.  And Israeli capacities to strike Iran to and to contain the possible counterattacks are of course very questionable. 
Iran case receives too much attention.  Obama did a lot once presidential election is coming, especially on Iran. The sanction is prepared to fail. It looks tough on the surface. Not the case of one digs a bit deeper. Economic sanctions may serve or satisfy a certain kind of people. It rarely results in expected anticipation and the innocent people are the ones who pay the highest price.
Now that Iran agreed to join the nuclear talk again, the strike is even less likely and welcome. As Obama warned rightly Loose Talk only helps Iran. What does Israel really want then? It could be Obama and Palestine.
Scores were killed in Gaza recently. They paint Iran as a great threat to distract international community from seeing the atrocities being committed on Palestinian people. As we know, Palestine is going big for statehood. 
President Obama was more supportive of Palestine for a while. Israel makes use of Iran to keep him busy. He did pull back. I support this president. American is too pro-Israel. It’s election season. He has to soften the position to win votes and money from deep pocket Jews. However, I do hope he would get tough again.
To strike or not to strike Iran? There have been talks about that. Little is discussed on what Israel wants. I just share my thoughts.  All politicians are being very busy with Iran and to a lesser extent with China. Talks on deficits, education, competitiveness, political gridlock, energy independent and economic recovery commands little attention. We need to have more conversations on those real threats.