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Feb 7, 2012

Behind the War Game against Iran

Is Israel going to strike Iran?  I saw this title in a number of websites I visited. The chances are close to nil, for me.  Stephen M. Walt rightly pointed in Foreign Policy may be Israel wants to distract everyone from their continued expansion of West Bank settlements and other brutalities against Palestinians. And I don’t believe striking its nuclear sites would make Iran abandon the project.
At worse, it encourages and justifies Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Iran is trying to develop a nuclear capability not a nuclear weapon, as Leon Panetta recently said. Supposed Israel did strike Iran, US’s interests in Iraq would be severely harmed, perhaps the peace prospect here. The sanctions approved would not make a huge difference.  Europeans are not willing to go with US move. They did it in return for IMF intervention in the Eurozone. China and India are not cutting oil import from Iran. If history is any guide, sanction produce modest result at best. That case is still true for Iran. 
I was late for writing an article on Iran. But I do update my status frequently on that issue. I invited you to friend me. Iran is a problem. Still, it has a lot of do with 2012 election. Iran is a red herring. It’s Obama strategy using Iran to please Israeli voters and millionaires and billionaires.
It’s worth noting Israel was mad thanks to his position that Palestinian-Israel negotiation be based on the map before 1967. This helps explain why his party lose massively in mid-term election. He has got to reverse the curse to get reelected.  Hey, Iran is a foe to Israel.
It also helps soften the blow made GOP presidential candidates, notably Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. I see the dark side of the sanction. The West is getting way from Iran as China and Russia stay in the same position, if not closer. They may use Iran to work again American interests in Middle East. Obama should strike a prudence balance between getting votes and retaining and promoting American interests Middle East. I don’t know where that balances lies. 
I want to write an article on the case since the drone disaster.  A lot of things just hold me back, including my laziness. I believe a team of Russian scientists in Iran may find a way to hack into the system, if the drone was not malfunctioned as US officials claimed.
No worries, there won’t be a strike on Iran nuclear sites. And US-Iran war game is not escalating into a real war. Everything would be fine after the election. I endorse Obama for President. He is the best (amongst the worst.) What is the best way to deal with Iran? Could I keep this question?   My Facebook statuses confirmed I used to post the points I raised. Not kind of plagiarism.