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Dec 13, 2011

Russia Still Needs Putin

I finally can manage the time to write an article.  Putin has brought stability to Russia although sometimes with his iron fist. He fails to decrease the feelings of fear among Russian people. Journalists are being killed. Media is working to Kremlin advantage. A number of people officials get rich without hard work.
I’m not saying he does or manages it. But all things happen under his watch.  I think each country needs free press and empowered citizens to keep the Government in check and to hold Government officials accountable.
I don’t think the demonstrations would trigger regime change happened in some Arab countries.  But I do believe it could make some necessary changes, supposed that the momentum is not losing.  They of course have to pay the price as there have been reports hundreds have been jailed.
Enough Said. 
At the same time, Russia still needs Putin to also make necessary changes. Some moves are politically impossible for democracies like the West. Obama failed to get the American Jobs Act passed because of the system of checks and balances. US needs to be less democratic and Russia needs to be more democratic. If the problems American is facing now are Soviet’s, it would be less time-consuming. Eurozone’s recent deal is also a good example.
Through his unbalanced power, he is able to allocate resources to advance the preconditions for future growth. Scholars living in developing countries understand well about this. Yeah, His government, in some ways, is a corrupted, bureaucratic one. Luckily, Russian people are trying to rectify it. I hope they are successful without paying a heavy price.
Russia will still need him in case he gradually open Russia to democracy and get rid of corruption and promote a system based on meritocracy. He has to some homework if he is to stay in power.
Regarding Secretary Clinton’s criticism of Russian election, I think she just paid lip service. And Putin responded to her criticism in a good mood also. It was the media and some people who overreact. It was a tit-for-tat attack. It’s building up the distrust, misunderstanding and misperceptions between both countries. It’s the technology advancement, stupid.
I don’t subscribe to the view the relations between Russian and US will be shaken if Putin is elected. The relations won’t be greatly changed. He has always been in charge. Russian needs to be more democratic and the Russian people are fighting for it. I’m on their side.  
If ones want things to stay the same, things have to be changed. Most Russians are not anti-Putin but they are fed up with him. Putin must make changes.