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Oct 24, 2011

Puzzled By Obama’s Messages

One of the messages read: “Ben Ali escaped, Mubarak is in jail, Qaddafi was killed. Which fate do you prefer, Ali Abdullah Saleh? You can consult with Bashar.” Another was more direct: “Bashar al-Assad, how do you feel today?” That’s a quote from The New York Time.
Three dictators are gone. Has the job been finished? In 2004, Mr. Obama delivered a keynote address opposing war in Iraq. I was impressed by his concluding remark. “We will never go to war again without a plan to win a peace and earn the respect from the world,” says he. 
American’s involvement in Libya is justified. They win not only the war but also the heart of Libyan people. They actually like to put “help Libyan people to liberate Libya” But the job is half-done. One should notice that the uprisings in Libya and in the other places are caused by aspiration to be treated like human.
 Qaddafi passed away. If he were killed after being captured, that would be a war crime. I remember reading an article by The Washington Post. That article quoted an expert who explained the hole in Qaddafi’s temple is unlikely caused by a bullet fired from the distant. The National Transitional Council keeps on insisting he was killed during crossfire. But they are bold enough to conduct autopsy.
If the new Government fails to meet the demand by Libyan people, the country could fall into chaos again. Mr. Obama exports revolutions to Arab World without a comprehensive plan to win the peace there, although he earns the respect from the world.  That’s what Bush junior did in Iraq and he himself used to condemn it.
They said there’s no Marshall Plan 2.0. The situation is very dire in Egypt. Egypt needs a lot of money to get by. Most Egyptian people expect a proper living standard. What worries me the most is that they want it for now. They will take to the street again if they feel betrayed. Then, they don’t listen to anyone. Big problems come!
Firstly, he exports revolutions. Democracy will spread to Arab World and then the American cultures. This helps to open markets for America. But those three countries are still in disarray, especially Egypt.
They say: “Mission Accomplished!  Qaddafi was killed”. I was left puzzled for a while after hearing that sentence. The resolution adopted by United Nations Security Council doesn’t contain that clause. They may over-perform their job.
Who killed Qaddafi is still unclear? It’s worth noting he was once a (close?) friend with the West.  They shake hands with devil. There has been speculation that the West masterminded the killing of Qaddafi in order to conceal the dirty deals they made with him. Again, experts say that the wound in Qaddafi’s temple is unlikely hit by a bullet fired from the distant. By the way, it's premature to talk about oil deals.  
Senator Obama and President Obama act differently. And I was puzzled by his messages. Honestly, I think he has been doing a good job although the situation remains unstable and risky!