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Jul 6, 2011

Compete with Giants: The Struggle for the Survival of My Future

 It has been over a year since I posted my very first article in the blog. It’s high time I shared blogging experience and most importantly say a few words on the events making who I am now. Before delving into the conversation, I would love to touch on the blog.
To start with, why did I choose “My Brain Bank” as my blog title?  The answer is a simple one.  I sometimes forget what I have written. So, I take a visit to my blog to kick-start a quick review. It’s a place where I could find virtually the information containing in my brain.  That’s it.
The creation of my blog has something to so with the double standards of my school. I call the “Home Truth” in my school double standards system, but the school managers call it an equal education system. However, what does equal education mean when the reality tells a different story? I will keep asking this question until I get at least a proper explanation.  
I have been outspoken about this issue in Facebook accounts of mine. In a word, the school puts French-speaking students at advantages. It’s hurtful to talk about the unfair education in my beloved school. They say we have an education for all while we don’t get equal education for equal pay. I have some hard facts to support my claim:
  1. v  We are being taught by Khmer lecturers with broken English as they are being taught by both Khmer and French with excellent command of French.
  2. v  We have only a session for a day as they have at least two sessions for a day with nearly the same pay.   
  3. v  They get two bachelors: one from the school itself and another one from Ministry of Education in France.
  4. v  Seminars, workshops, press conferences are mostly sponsored and organized by French embassy in Phnom Pench: we are often not invited to partake in. I have asked for admission to participate in the seminars two times already. And every time I was politely dismissed citing the bullshits that I was asking for the right time. [1]

My note has the big picture of the double standards system in my school. I’m sure you are feeling that I pretty hate my school. To some extent, I do. It’s hurtful to see the Reality being displayed every day I go to school.   I think I’m being marginalized given the services the school offers to me comparing to those of French students. I keep questioning myself if the school is really mine. Ironically, it is more of an imagination rather than a reality.
I vividly remembered an event that has shaped my life. I met one of my very best friends ever some day. He tested me on what I have learnt since we entered different classes, between France and English. And I pretended to know nothing. Could you take a guess what did he say to me? He says: It serves my right that I didn’t take the French class. You have to accept your fatal decision to take the English class.
I nearly burst into tears once he finished the words. It’s unbearable since it came from my best friend ever.
It sucks!!! A number of events following that day forced me my whole perspective toward French students here and indeed the French language. French students think they are smartest.  And I don’t share that view. I acknowledged that they are the best but I will try to be the only Best. I have tried my best to outsmart them since then. French students are strong because they are well-connected. They are indeed giants. Yeah, I’m going to compete with Giants. In another word, Giant means a person who is very good at something.
You might think I won’t beat Giants down. If you do think do, I’m sure that you haven’t read a book titled “The Power of Positive Thinking.” From a perspective, the strengths of a Giant are actually its weaknesses. A giant is big and very visible. So, it’s not hard for us to attack one. Confidence is very important for defeat your competitors and I knew how to use it.
I first started to attack the weaknesses of my counterparts. I knew that they aren’t really good at Computer skills and English. You run a very real risk of becoming an illiterate in 21st century had you have yet got both of them under your belt. Anyway, Good luck my French friends. I learnt how to create email, blog, do research, and so on by myself. I’m not kidding. I didn’t even know how to properly start desktop computer when I first stepped in Phnom Pench. I like a slogan: I love my haters, they are my motivators.
I have learnt a lot since then. And I am very grateful to them for making who I am now. Let me take this article to express to greatest gratitude to all people who have supported me. Without your guys, I won’t have this day. Well, I don’t think it’s a success but “I have gone this far and I will keep going.”
I will do everything within my capacities to change the system of my school. I’m not trying to be a hero, though. Some of my friends quitted the school because they can’t stand the heat. It makes me hurt to see this even though are not brothers. Hilary Clinton said during Democrat’s presidential debate. : Harry Truman famously said: “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And I feel very comfortable in kitchen.” I feel very comfortable in kitchen too and I’m going the stand the heat in my school and I will find the way how to put the flame out. Just believe in me, I can do it.
I have received loads of praises until now. I have got very encouraging messages from AFP, Reuter’s reporters, university lecturers, NGO officials and so on.  The biggest problem I’m facing now is that my blog is inaccessible. I mostly write about international economy and global politics. The readers require basic understating of economics to understand the message I want to deliver. The blog is not accessible to general readers and I’m figuring out the solution.
I will prove to them French students that I have made a right decision by choosing English class. It’s not a matter of how good I am but how good I want to be. All supporters, thanks again for supporting me. Future belongs to students who speak English not the ones who speak French. Fighting!!! Seng Kongs.
P.S: Pardon me for grammatical I have made in all articles. I don’t have enough time to edit. It’s 5:00 am in Phnom Pench. I have to take a nap. Good Night, readers. Thanks for reading. Please post your comment!!!  


Lim Muyhong said...


Anonymous said...

yes I agreed with LIM. English is more useful.Especially if you want to communicate with outside world. Those France students are not looking far enough. They are just limit themselves in their own country. If they are in the business world, they can't deal with global markets due to language barrier.Actually u have make a right choice to be in English class and you will definitely be more successful than them in future. I can only say is i pity these france students they don't know what is happening in outside world.

Sam said...

Try your best I do support you since ever...You have to challenge it. Be brave & Good luck to you!

SUY Kuong said...

Truly English is the popular language in the out side world. I think you are not really compete with the giants but with the ant!!! Even now they have more access to what they need but in the near future you can access to what you need more then them in the work competition!!! i think.

jeffrey koay said...

i found that english is the language that can communicate with others country residents.This show that we must learn english properly ,not french><

Andrew Pheng said...

I do acknowledge that a person will starts to improve oneself whenever he or she was looked down or treated badly by someone else. The fire in their mind will burst, then confidence, motivation and energy will automatically come out to fight back.

Come one bro, keep fighting!!!

Graphito said...

Yes. I agree with you & support your views on sticking to English classes..

These French students are so ignorant to think that the French are still so high & mighty..

We are in a different world, global market & generation now..

Till this very day the French still tend to look down on the English & English speaking people who visit France, Paris..

They think they are still living in the French Revolution..

Like anonymous has mentioned, they will find themselves limited in the business world as the English language is domineering the global market all these while..

English has been & will be for a very long time, the universal language in this world..

Not French as it was many decades ago..

My Brain Bank said...

Thanks for your comments. France can't stand the test of time. And I can wait to see that happen.

Anonymous said...

Your story is a very inspiring one.Firstly, I am amazed at how good your English is. Secondly, I'm so proud of u that you share this story. Or i will never know this hot conflict is happening in one of the most famous Khmer Uni. My favorite quote is : " I love my haters, they are my motivators."
To be honest, French is outdated. OUTDATED. Even the French residence they starts to learn English. So why the hell our country's educational system still praise French. I don't understand. We are drained by the French Colony and now we don't want to get out. I don't get this. I think the system in Cambodia need to change. The old generation are outdated and they need to step out. While the new generation should step in the right way and be aware of the surroundings as well.