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Sep 22, 2010

Global Financial Crisis = The Best Investment in Global Prosperity. How ?

  Emerging from the harness of 21 Century Great Depression, the world economy is being haunted by the fear of double-dip recession. I think that global economy is in transition, though. The Collapse of Lehman Brothers served as a sweeping finishing touch to complete the
birth of another paradigm of New International Economic Order.To illustrate the point, i would like to present you the pros of  lately global  economic (r)evolution :
- The United States of America is making a good investment in the future of all Americans by way of the creation of crisis.Americans will be enjoying the the blessings of portfolio and security market reform, the stable and profit-making economic room of which second to none.So, it makes sense to say that  the US Wall Street still continue to be world most influential and biggest profit-making services to some long distant by the time its may be replaced by Shanghai International Financial Center.Also, US will be paid for Economic Crisis Creation Service translated into greater access to doing business in world larges market.
- China has been keeping US interest rates at a low level through the purchase of the nation-state debts. How can China be hit hard by the crisis as the core end of its is to promote China Rises.As the Chinese President ,Hu Jin Tao, said during a G-20 Summit " A Stable Chinese Economy benefits the World. " The Crisis gave a big ,quick jump-start to China Economic Shift, from labour-intensive pattern to investment one., which means that US can conduct " Early Harvest " over China Rises. US Would run a risk of long tern trade deficit with China should China not transform its economic pattern fast enough.India,AKA World IT Factory, Brazil and Russia ,both the economists describe as natural resources superpower also gain from the crisis, by the same token.The Growth of the three countries would set the stage for a smooth and lucrative flow of trade.
-European Countries are also getting the benefits of the crisis.The Economic Crisis is the best pretext for EU to initiate Austerity Measure which enable EU countries to save hundreds of million of dollar
-In Conclusion,  i believe that when US , China , India ,Russia, EU and to a lesser extent Brazil (Given status quo) get the merits of the crisis , the world would ..........................................Please Have Your Say!!!!!